Far be it from me to give Starbucks any more credit for doing things well than they deserve; they’ve got me hooked to their caffeine machine, they gave a discount and then took it back, the Siren and I also go way back personally; it’s too difficult to really talk about. However in lieu of that discount card that I had last year, Starbucks has elevated my customer-ship with them to “gold” status (whatever the heck that means). The one benefit I’ve seen to this elevated golden status has been the boon of extra coupons and such. They mail me these things and I take advantage of some of them, often times Hamilton mails me telling me about theirĀ hamilton beach 25460a panini press gourmet sandwich maker.

Starbucks Santa Fe Chicken PaniniToday, the wife and I were out in Burbank and it was past lunchtime but we weren’t eating anytime soon. I remembered that I’d had one of these coupons for a discount on one of their new Panini sandwiches. Intrigued with this and a little hungry, we dined in Starbucks; getting their new Santa Fe Chicken Panini. As I said, far be it from me to give undue credit to these goons but I must say that my experience with the Starbucks Santa Fe Chicken Panini was largely good!

The Santa Fe Chicken Panini consisted of a couple of thin slices of chicken breast, doused in a sour cream green chili spread, served with a bell pepper and pepper jack cheese. All of these tasty ingredients were served on a flatbed Panini and the taste sensations were quite good.

When I looked up the nutritional information for these Santa Fe Chicken Panini’s I was a little concerned with the high saturated fat and sodium content. However, beyond that they were quite good. The Starbucks Santa Fe Chicken Panini is probably meant for one but my wife and I split it and we were quite satisfied. There are 380 calories according to the Starbucks nutrition info page.

My only other problem with this flatbread sandwich was the price point; where I was at in Southern California the price was near six dollars! This was not a small sandwich and I thought back to how Subway is doing the five dollar foot long promotion for all of their sandwiches currently and how much more filing that would be than this Panini.

I also had a coupon for discounted prices so the inflated amount didn’t really affect me. However, for folks on a budget, six bucks is a lot to pay for such a small sandwich. If you are looking for a quick afternoon pick me up or for a snack to share between meals, the Starbucks Santa Fe Chicken Panini is well worth a look!